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e-Gurukul is a software solution for any educational institution. It is capable of automating any institution in all fronts. e-Gurukul is a collaborative result of research, review and the thought of intellectuals working on the educational field, which is powered by the latest of the technology making it feasible to be so powerful yet simple to use. e-Gurukul software uses role based management system, where each and every individual either be it a admin, employee, student or a individual is assigned a role and the operations performed on the software is done accordingly. e-Gurukul makes use of the latest innovation in the software development world, keeping in mind the future support as well as extensions. e-Gurukul covers the entire workflow of any educational institution, hereby empowering them to automate and hence centralize the entire things at one place hereby making its monitoring, analysis and security easy and good. e-Gurukul gives the complete control over the flow of process, transparency over the work as well as authenticity of the work. Through this software each one of them can view, monitor as well as analyze their role and hence the information is available for all yet centralized securely at one place.

The e-Gurukul software is categorized into two sections :

Offline Support Services

Offline Support deals with the on-site service module installation. The e-Gurukul software modules will be installed at your place, where the required hardware will be provided by you. It needs server grade hardware to run efficiently and securely, and to access it there has to be a local LAN network in your campus. In case of non-availability of the resources, the Support Gurukul technical team will assist in designing as well as implementing of the same. Having server at your end will make the services run very fast and hereby no lag will be encountered by the users at your end, and maintenance and functionality of the same can be controlled by you. The server will be configured in such a way that it will be regularly be syncing with the global server at our end, which will require it to have internet connectivity. In case of non-availability of resources at your end, the same set of applications can be sourced from our server, but that will make the services become little slow, which mainly depends on your internet connectivity.(this type of service is not recommended by the SG team).

Online Support Services

Online Support deals with the global support to the software. Online Support mainly deals with the global reach of your organization. It empowers to enhance your online presence as well as reach to the global audience. With online support you will be able to access lot of the online tools which will make you interact with your clients better than never before as well as give them the access to their information online. To avail the online support, proper internet connection is required. Once the local server at your end authenticates successfully with the global server at our end, it can do lot many operations on their own, like sending emails, sms, online forms, result notification and all.