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Offline Support

e-Gurukul Software can be implemented in two phase, one at the on-site and the other at the global server. Offline Support deals with the on-site installation of the complete modules, where the hardware will be provided by you, and installation and implementation can be looked upon by the Support Gurukul team. Having on-site installation, will enable the software to be very fast as well as in your control with full fledged working capacity without any lag due to global network. Offline Support has following modules under which which would enable the complete automation of your institution.

Accounts Management

Accounts Management Module deals with the complete accounting of any institution. It covers employee payroll, student fee management as well as institute expenditure management. It is one stop module for all financial transactions of the institutions. Read more

Employee Management

Employee management module is one stop solution to manage employee record, from the very recruitment till the retirement or the last day at the institution. It keeps all the overall records of the employee be it financial, educational or vocational. Read more

Student Management

Student Management Module defines the complete functionality of the student in an institution, either be its personal profile, previous academics as well as non-academic record and all the things. It is one place to find the record of the student. Read more

Front Office Management

Front Office Management module helps in the effective operation of the front office of any institution. It is one stop for any sort of general information of either the employees or the students. It automates the functionality of the front office works. Read more

Library Management

Library Management Module defines the complete functionality of the library. It automates the work of library from requisition, storage, classification, issuance, penalty and all. It is one stop for library automation. Read more

Time-Table Management

Time-Table Management module deals with the student as well the faculty time table, where one can track the class records as well as the class hours. It is also capable of arranging the arrangements in case of absence of any faculty. Read more

Examination Management

Examination Management Module deals with the complete automation of the examination procedure. It deals with absolute marking scheme as well as relative grading scheme and one can define as many examination types as well as assignment of tasks through this is very flexible. Read more

Transport Management

Transport Management Module deals with the transportation facility of the institution. It is very effective way of defining transport routes and hereby manage the student-transport facility. One can define multiple routes with their own cost estimation. Read more

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Module deals with the complete stock-inventory of the institution. Through this module one can keep a track of all the things, and can as well analyze their future needs and make a record of every items. Read more

Student Activity Management

Student Activity Management module deals with the extra-curricular activities centered around students. It helps to manage different student clubs in the institution. Read more

Hostel Management

Hostel Management Module deals with the hostel facility of any institution. Through this module one can automate the hostel facility thing for any student which includes their laundry, mess, miscellaneous as well as room allocation. Read more