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Examination Management

Examination Management Module is a powerful pupil evaluation management engine, which supports a broad spectrum of examination protocols. This resourcefully engineered module can not only be tailored to incorporate the challenging demands of any institution of learning, regardless of magnitude or syllabi complexity, but it also sports matchless features such as question banks, exam scheduler, detailed score analyzer, graphical/numerical presenter, e-alerter and much more. This module with its ease-of-use and efficient systematization of the examination processes is an invaluable tool for every campus. The examination management module also keeps the guardians of the students well informed of all the examination activities of their ward either through the sms service or the email service or both. Hereby giving them well-informed of the progress of their ward. Examinations can be customized to suit the needs of the school as well as the needs of senior and junior learners.From kindergarten to the senior most classes, you will be able to define the various exams held in your school and the marks and weight-age to be carried into the final exams.Given all this information, all we need to enter are the details of marks obtained for each class as the exams are taken. The examination management module will take care of the rest and generate the detailed final and intermediate result sheets.

Examination Management Administrative Panel

This module provides a very wide and extensive administrative roles to the administration, where one can control the overall flow the examination process. Through this module the examiners can track ans assign the examination duties to individuals depending on their role either as a teacher or a evaluator, and set the deadlines as well to make the flow in time with greater amount of flexibility.

Features Available

  • Absolute marking system
  • Relative grading marking system
  • Multiple examination system
  • Exam Scheduling
  • Examination Sitting Arrangement
  • Invigilator Assignment Assistantance
  • Examination paper evaluation assistance
  • Mark / Grade entry assistance
  • E-alerts on examinatin results
  • Comparative graphical analysis of assessment
  • Unlimited question bank
  • Automated / manual question paper generator
  • Detailed question search
  • Supports added evaluation
  • Scoring -- class wise,subject wise, student wise
  • Score analysis
  • Confidential teacher performance analyser
  • Student assessment analyser
  • Grading / Promotion management
  • Performance monitoring of ward online

End User Panel

With the integration of examination management module in the e-Gurukul software, the employee as well as the student will get access to the examination through their panel. The employee can see examination report card of any student as well as enter the record if required, and the student can see their examination progress report card.

Features Availiable

  • View / Search examination record of any individual
  • Enter mark/grade of individuals (on assigned)
  • Request for demo-online exam
  • Set question bank
  • Report an issue
  • View current status of examination process
  • Monitor progress of any candidate
  • Alerts & Reports of any candidate