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Front Office Management

Front-Office Administration module deals with the fully automation of the help-desk/front office of your institution. It is one place from where you can retrieve lot many non-critical information either about the student or about the employees. The front-office administration module greatly deals with serving the need of information sharing within so that the flow of process is smooth as well as centralised.  

Facilities & Operations

There are lots of options availiable in the front office administration, of which few of them are broadly mentioned below.
  • Personal record of any student
  • Professional record of student
  • Personal Record of any employee
  • Professional record of employee
  • Time-table and holidays
  • Arrangements for the day
  • View Class Lists
  • View Subject Lists & Coordinators
  • Book List for any class
  • Receive/Reject application request
  • Approve/Confirm request process
All of the work done at the front office are mechanised in such a way that the officers at that place will be able to do their responsibilities more efficiently and more precisely. Since the complete e-Gurukul software is centered around self-service culture, it would become very easy and fast for the officer out there to process the request.