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Student Activity Management

Student Activity Management module deals with the extra-curricular activities associated with student in the institution. This module is used to group students into various distinct groups and assign the groups with the tasks. This module works along with the inventory management, and hence integrates its solution in here, where students can issue any inventory for their group work which can be either consumable or non-consumable. This module just helps in creating a extra-curricular activity record of the student in a much efficient way.

Student Activity Management Administration Panel

The student activity management module can help to contribute to the overall maintenance of the student records.

Features Availiable

  • Define a activity-group
  • Assign students to group
  • View list of students in a group
  • Schedule activity
  • Assign activity to group
  • Keep record of inventory used in activity
  • Report an issue
  • Enroll / reject requests
  • View activity result