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Student Management Module

Student Management module deals with students and their records. All the information regarding student can be managed at this place. This module is very strong as well as flexible where it is integrated at both the ends, the administrative as well as the student. This module is entirely dedicated to the overall operations revolving around a Student, and hence is a center for all the operations related to Student. The very utility of the centralised solution is visible in this module, where the information about student is gathered from a lot of other modules and collectively makes a sensible information for the Student as well as your organisation.

Student Self Service

Through the Student management module, the student can keep a track of all their records from the day of their joining till the last day at the institution. It simply helps the student having all his information either be it professional, personal or accounts all at one place, and also the student can raise the service requests from their own panel and keep the track of the same. The automation helps in keeping the things simple as well as secure and also the duties and responsibilities can be shared, enhancement in efficiency as well as control over the flow of work process.

Features Available

  • View / Update their profile
  • View their fee records
  • View their examination result
  • View their time-table
  • View their attendance records
  • View their previous records
  • View Library book items
  • Report for any issues
  • Update personal details
  • Raise service requests
  • Apply for any certificate
  • Apply for transport
  • Request for Book Issuance
  • Request for change in transport route
  • View Application / Request Process

Record Keeper

The other part of the student management is the record keeper. The record keeper keeps and updates a lot of information regarding the student, which is not provided with the student self service modules. There are many information that accumulates in the student record as part of the automation, being their fee record, examination record. The student part in the record entry has to work on the critical data of the student.

Features Available

  • New student entry
  • Change of student login password
  • Updation of student record
  • Creating SR for students
  • Blocking student login into system
  • Notifcation for student