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Transport Management

Transport Management is a complete bus routing module that is the result of lending our ears to what transportation professionals desired in a campus routing and planning software and by emulating it. This robust yet multipurpose application can be moulded to the exact requirements of individual institutions thereby maximizing efficiency and insuring a quick return on investment. This module not only handles the complex and continually changing variables in campus bussing with panache, but it also generates traveler details (distinguishing employees and scholars), pickup points, dues, defaulters, vehicle allocation, insurance statuses, daily/cumulative reports etc making the often nightmarish task of bus management seem like child's play! The module has facilities to report the fuel consumption, Insurance Information and permit information management.The Transport module is also integrated in to the fee structure and accounts so that the transport charges are automatically charged from the students.

Transport Manager Administration Panel

To the management, the system provides vital information regarding the expiration of Insurance, renewal of Permits, Details of fuel consumption and fuel economy of the vehicle etc.User-friendly data entry forms, transferring of bus routes/interchanging the routes, making new routes etc. are very simple in procedure, facility for availing and discontinuing bus at any time of the session is possible. Auto fee calculation depends upon the distance and also flat facility available. Individual bus collection, bus list, bus defaulters are some of the outstanding reports.

Features Availiable

  • Route Management & Definition
  • Fare setting / collection / report
  • Stage / Stop settings
  • Dual conveyance allocation - class wise & Student wise
  • Track student and student listing
  • Business Schedules & operations
  • Contractor / Owner details (if any)
  • Vehicle Management
  • Service details of vehicle
  • Accident Particulars ( if any )
  • Tax Information (if any)
  • Insurance Facts & Notification
  • Employee Info & Records
  • Vehicle Allocation
  • Daily / Cumulative vehicle minutiae
  • Reports Daily / Time-Interval

End User Panel

With the integration of transport management module in the e-Gurukul software, the employee as well as the student will get access to the transport service through their panel, hereby making them search and go through the entire transport routes and also track for their previous record of transport route as well as the present route if any.

Features Availiable

  • View different transport routes
  • Book / cancel a vehicle (if allowed)
  • Report any issue
  • Change your tranport route
  • Request for new route inclusion
  • View any amount outstandings