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Online support

e-Gurukul Software can be implemented in two phase, one at the on-site and the other at the global server. Online Support deals with the global support for the onsite installation services. The sole purpose the online support module is to enhance your online presence, and hence extend your presence from the local audience to the global audience. Online Support will carter to be the connectivity media between you and your clients, be it the students or their parents or other companies. With the integration of e-mail service as well as SMS service, one can easily reach the mass audience.

Online Database Backup

Online Database Backup is a online support module by which you can keep a copy of your database, which gives u an added resource in case of any un-accounted accident happens with the server at your place. One can time the regular syncing of the database with the remote database which is safe and secure Read more

Online Registration Form

Online Registration Form service enables you to get the application of the potential candidate filled up online and notification for the same can also be made accordingly. It is custom made page as per the need of your institution. Read more

Notices & Information

Notices & Information Online Service will enable you to reach out your students and employees out of your office notice board to the global world. Notices & Information is nicely bounded with e-mail and sms notification service through which u can reach out the audience well. Read more

Result Notification

Result Notification Online service enables you to declare the results of all your examination online. It is bonded with the personal profile pages of the employees as well as students where it can be accessed through proper authentication so is with the new registered candidates. Read more

E-Mail Service

E-Mail service is one way to reach the targeted audience mail box. Either be it their result, accounts outstanding, notices or any personal message, this would enable you to directly reach the targeted audience with one click. Read more

SMS Service

SMS service is targeted to send important higher priority messages directly into the mobile phones of the targeted audience. It can be made use at a lot of places, be it for result notification, notices or any other ones. Read more

Website Deployment

Website Deployment is a service where we either maintain your previous website or re-design a new website for your institute. We also work on the deployment of the same at some web server. Read more

Online Template Forms

Online Template Forms are some custom made forms put on the internet as per your need. It can be static forms or dynamic submittable forms available. Read more