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Online Registration

Online Registration is an online service provided by Support Gurukul to take your insitution from local domain to the global domain. The online registration is a custom designed solution according to your need, where the candidates can be made to fill online forms. The online form registration could be either for new student enrollment, faculty enrollment program or any other function where you need to get the registration done. All of these works can be made easy through this support where you not only get to submit the forms, you are also notified either by SMS or by email and also you get a control panel where you can track each and every entry made to that form, and also get a detailed report of the same. This service enables you to uptake your business outside your local domain and reach to the global audience, and it also leaves a very good positive impact on your clients. There is no limit on the number of entries that the form can handle and the type of data it can handle, all you need to do is to raise a service request at the control panel and the rest can be assured with us. The SG representative will get in touch with you, and hence your request will be processed.