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SMS Notification

As mobile phones have become the part and parcel of everyone's life in present scenario, so the SMS service used on mobile phones have also become very popular and important service.Keeping in mind the present need of corporate world Suppport Gurukul provides SMS notification tool. The SMS notification tool provided by us makes the SMS services more effortless and simple, thus enhancing your business by a better way of communication with clients. SMS notification is a very innovative and powerful tool to reach out to your audience globally. You can use this service for any of your purpose be it mass mailing for notification of any event, or custom mail like result notification, all you have to do is a click and proceed with the SMS service. The capability of the SMS service is very high and there is no limit on the number of SMS you can send through us. Our SMS engine is capable of sending thousands of SMS every minute, hence making the entire operation very fast and enhances your reach to the global audience. There are many formats of the SMS, of which you can chose one to send as well as you can schedule the SMS delivery timings, so that the SMS is sent at that very moment only, making it very flexible and robust.