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Online Quizzing Portal

Quizzing Portal is a very robust and highly featured online quizzing tool.
  • A quizzer has to get himself/herself registered for the portal to access the quizzing feature.
  • The quizzer has to be associated with anyone of the college in India or abroad.
  • The submission time is set to 11 p.m. whose value can be changed. (controlled from database).
  • Only one submission per question is allowed per question unless quizzer use the lifeline which gives double submission but that also is for regular questions.
  • Once submitted the answer,  quizzer cannot change the answer under any circumstances .
  • The quizzer can challenge only one quizzer in a week.
  • The results of each day can be viewed the other day
  • Quizzer Of The Day
    • Every day the system picks up one quizzer randomly whose submission has been correct for the quizzer of the day, irrespective of the time of submission. He will get some goodie from the organizer.
  • Quizzer Of The Week
    • Every week one quizzer whose marks summed up to be the maximum for this week is adjudged quizzer of the week. If two quizzers have the same mark then the deciding thing comes the reward points and if the reward points is also same then back invitation.
  • Fastest Quizzer
    • The quizzer who answers the regular question in the shortest time is the Fastest Quizzer. He gets an extra mark equal to the mark of the question on being so.
Download Quizzing Portal Specification & Features