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Server Deployment

Deploying Server is the platform for building an infrastructure of connected applications, networks, and Web services, from the workgroup to the data center. With the server platform you can develop, deliver, and manage rich user experiences and applications, provide a highly secure network infrastructure, and increase technological efficiency and value within your organization. Today each and every organisation is moving towards automation of their works, which helps them to lower down their operational cost as well as bring security and assurity on the work. That is where we play our role. Support Gurukul India specialises in configuration, deployment as well as maintenanace of the servers. We deal in deployment of all types of servers under Red Hat Enterprise Linux Environment or any other linux environment. We have dedicated Red Hat Certified Engineers working to provide one with the type of solution needed. We primarily deal with these types of servers : Web Server, DNS Server, Mail Server, Proxy Server, File Server, LDAP Server, Database Server, Print Server. We have tie-ups with hardware providers (3rd Party vendors) to provide the requried hardware for the same.

Web Server

Web-Server is used to service web pages to the client upon request. Nowadays web-server is used for websites as well as many web-based application, where if proper tuning if done can enhance & empower effecient workflow. Apache is a well known open source web-server, serving millions of organisations. Read more

Database Server

All of the web-based applications kinder around some or the other database for its data intensive process. MySql is one open-source database used by millions and preferred by many programmers. We also deal with Oracle 11g Database servers. Read more

File Server

File server is picking up pace recently because of the bulk volume of data captured by any organisation. There are many services working around file server, where we primarily focus on NFS (For linux Environment) & Samba (For Windows Environment). File server ensures file safety and security alongwith centralised solution to all. Read more

Mail Server

Mail server has become the backbone of communication media for any organisation, where they are pushing more and more mails as official data source for any decision making. And with the internet growing at such a huge pace, the need of well maintained mail server is important, to protect it from spams and other external threats. Read more


DNS-BIND server serves the domain name IP Binding service, and remains the public face of any web-server as well as mail server in the world wide web. The routing of internet connection depends much on the capability of the DNS-BIND server. Read more

Proxy Server

Proxy server is the backbone of any organisation where its internal network communicates with the world wide web, which it serves as a firewall between the two hereby restricting the useage of the same. Proxy server also serves the purpose of being the public face of any organisation, hereby being the most important thing in an organisation. Read more

Print Server

Print server serves to be one stop printing solution for any organisation, hereby making it possible to restrict, monitor as well as secure the entire printing process. Having a central print server eliminates lot many problems as well as makes the printing solution a economical business. Read more

LDAP Server

LDAP Server is a one place authentication place for multiple places, either be it proxy authentication, web authentication, mail authentication or any service authentication. It empowers a organisation to have one place for all the login information for multiple services can work around it, hereby giving a centralised solution. Read more