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Web Server

Support Gurukul Team specialises in deploying web-server as well as administrating web-server. The SG technical team can help one configure, deploy & maintain web server with lots of options availiable to play with. We currently deal working with apache2 in Linux environment, where we provide lot many options so that all of your requirements can be met. When we deploy the server, you can be sure of the following facts and let that be the responsibility of the SG team to look after :
  • Security : We configure the server in such a way that the servers security is at the highest level customised as per your need.
  • Optimization : The operations of the web server are optimised which ensures higer levels of efficiency of the server.
  • Manageability : We provide higher level of control over the operations of the web server. One can remotely manage the working of the web-server and control it either by GUI driven panel or terminals.
  • Up-time : We ensure almost 99.9% uptime of the server by bringing on redundancy on the systems, and making it less vulnerable to un-accounted accidents.

Configuration Options Available With Apache2

The SG team takes every minute consideration when configuring the web server. The SG team mainly works on the following configurations in any web server :
  • Name Based Virtual Hosting
  • IP Based Virtual Hosting
  • Virtual Hosting On Multiple IPs'
  • Implementation Of SSL Certificates
  • Optimising Static Page Processing
  • Private directories for file sharing
  • Personal Webspace for multiple users
  • Web Server behind NAT Firewall
Apart from the configuration of web server, the SG team also helps to secure the server on the whole so that the operations on the web server is optimised, so that the web server doesn't show any lag in its operations.