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Database Management System

course is designed for IT Professionals who are either nowhere or new to the database field. This course undertakes the basics of Structured Query Language including DML, DCL & DDL as well as basics of a database design. This course also touches MySql in particular as well as PhpMyAdmin by which once can monitor the database. Focused on administration tasks that will be encountered in the workplace, the course will actively engage students task-focused activities, lab based knowledge checks, and facilitative discussions to ensure maximum skill transfer and retention. In addition to all those command line operations as well as GUI driven operations will be performed. It would also focus on the installation of mysql server on a linux platform as well as in windows. By the end of this course, students will be able to perform installation, configuration and operate a MySql server as well as write effecient & standard SQL queries.
  • Course ContentCourse Content
    Course Content
  • Targeted AudienceTargeted Audience
    Targeted Audience
  • Pre-RequisitesPre-Requisites
  • AdvantagesAdvantages

Course Outline Database Management System

Introduction To Database Data type, Operations & Table Creation Manipulating Datas Retriving & Restricting Datas Mysql Functions Grouping PhpMyAdmin Operations Joining SubQuery Constraints Indexing & Engines Query Optimisation User Creation & Granting Privileges Designing Of A Database

Targeted Audience (Database Management System - MySql)

Static Web Designers & Developers who wants to start with dynamic web development environment Application Developers who need to interact with the database for their application datas. PHP Developers who wants to expand their horizon with the database concepts Functional Professionals who need to design database for applications. Any individual who wants to understand the basics of database

Pre-Requisites ( Database Management System - MySql )

Previous knowledge of basics of database is helpful but not required Knowledge of basics of Windows / Linux Operating System Environment

Advantages Of Workshop With Support Gurukul

Same day certificate distribution to all Certificate of successful completion to all Unique Certificate ID to authenticate at Support Gurukul. Re-issuance of certificate in case of damage or loss. Co-coordinator certificate to all those who helped in co-coordinating workshop / training