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Web Technology(Advanced - I)

This course is designed for IT Professionals who are comfortable designing front end interfaces, create websites and its deployment. This course focuses more on the utility point of view and gives one foundation towards development of full dynamic website. It is designed & modelled around apache-php-mysql. The course focuses on the basics of php programming and its mysql extensions. It doesnt go deep into the mysql details and just keeps one limited to the DML Statements and other operations of mysql are done from phpMyAdmin, an opensource GUI to manage ones' mysql database. After completion of this course, one would be able to communicate with the web-server better than ever before and make a full fledge website having capability of dynamicity and will be able to create a small application around it.
  • Course ContentCourse Content
    Course Content
  • PHP-MysqlPHP-Mysql
  • Targeted AudienceTargeted Audience
    Targeted Audience
  • Pre-RequisitesPre-Requisites
  • AdvantagesAdvantages

PHP Programming Basic

Introduction To PHP Programming Data Types Variables Regular Expressions Arrays Functions Sessions Strings Operators Conditional Statements Looping Statements PHP Forms File Handling Cookie

Course Content PHP-MYSQL

Connect To The Database Selecting A Database Quering a DML Access Data From Query Checking Query Status Closing A Database Select Query Update Query Insert Query Delete Query Truncate Query Error-Handling
Configuration Of PhpMyAdmin  & Apache in Windows as Well as in Linux Environment

Targeted Audience (Web Technology Advanced I)

IT Professional who is comfortable creating front end static designs and templates IT Professional who knows the working of HTML, CSS well IT Professional who wants to start with the career of Application Development Using Open-Source Tools. Any Individual who wants to create their own dynamic website. Any Individual who wants to pursue development works in Content Management Systems driven by PHP-Mysql

Pre-Requisites (Web-Technology Advanced I)

Comfortable working knowledge of Windows OS / Linux OS Comfortable knowledge of HTML, CSS Basic understanding of dynamic websites & terminologies Fundamentals of Form Processing & Designing

Advantages Of Workshop With Support Gurukul

Same day certificate distribution to all Certificate of successful completion to all Unique Certificate ID to authenticate at Support Gurukul. Re-issuance of certificate in case of damage or loss. Co-coordinator certificate to all those who helped in co-coordinating workshop / training