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Web Technology(Basic)

This course is designed for IT Professionals who are new to computing & Internet & Website Designing The course covers the basics of website development, focusing basically on the functionality of it. The course is designed around development of a website from scratch. This course is meant for all those who want to pursue their career as a website developer or want to start with their small personal websites. This course module will work around developing a static website and by the end of this course one would be able to make a fully functional website fully up and working and ready to be made global.
  • Web-HTMLWeb-HTML
  • Web-CSSWeb-CSS
  • Targeted AudienceTargeted Audience
    Targeted Audience
  • Pre-RequisitesPre-Requisites
  • AdvantagesAdvantages

Course Outline HTML

Understanding And Using HTMLHTML Paragraphs & Alignments HTML Line Breaks & Rules HTML Font Tags & Styles HTML Image Tags & Attributes HTML Hyperlink & its Attributes HTML Headings HTML Comments HTML Tables HTML Forms HTML Frames & I-Frames

Course Outline Cascading Style Sheets

Introduction To CSS CSS Text CSS Fonts CSS Anchors, links and pseudo classes CSS Backgrounds CSS Borders CSS Lists CSS Width and Height CSS Classification CSS Syntax CSS Classes CSS IDs CSS Divisions CSS Spans CSS Margins CSS Padding CSS Position

Course Content (Form Processing - HTML, PHP, Javascript)

Creating Forms Comprising With Following Elements
Text Field Password Field Hidden Field TextBox Area Select Button Checkbox Field Radion Button Select Field Custom Button Reset Button
Processing the form data with the help of PHP as a backend tool and Javascript as a font-end tool. Looking into the insight of the ways to process the forms

Targeted Audience

IT Professional who has the little understanding of the internet and web IT Professional who knows the basics of HTML,CSS but needs a fast track to move on to the production level Any Individual who wants to wants to know the fundamentals of Website Development Any Individual who fancies the Web-World


Comfortable working in Windows OS / Linux OS Has basic understanding of the Internet Should have understanding of the look and feel of any generic website

Advantages Of Workshop With Support Gurukul

Same day certificate distribution to all Certificate of successful completion to all Unique Certificate ID to authenticate at Support Gurukul. Re-issuance of certificate in case of damage or loss. Co-coordinator certificate to all those who helped in co-coordinating workshop / training